Alert: U.S. maternity care system fails new mothers who want to breastfeed and what to do about it

Did you (or someone you know) try to breastfeed a baby only to meet with failure?

The quality of breastfeeding support in the U.S. sets new moms up to fail. Know the pitfalls before you give birth to help ensure you'll have success.

Did you (or someone you know)  breastfeed for just a few days or weeks only to give up in uncertainty,  pain or frustration?

Did you (or someone you know) successfully initiate breastfeeding  only to be told by a pediatrician to routinely supplement?

Did you (or a friend)  resort to pumping and bottle feeding or using a nipple shield because your baby never latched correctly?

Have you (or a friend or family member)  had one or more of these experiences related to breastfeeding?

Then you need to know that you  (or your friend or family member)  did NOT fail at breastfeeding. Rather,  the U.S. maternity care system FAILED you, as I have noted before.

Interested in knowing how and why,  and more importantly, what to avoid next time? Then click here for an excellent rundown of the state of breastfeeding in the U.S. in 2011 and how to avoid having the system fail you.

BTW: Expectant families who hire a postpartum doula to work with them after their baby is born have better breastfeeding success rates.  Trained postpartum doulas are taught to help initiate breastfeeding and to watch out for signs that a mother might need the help of a lacatation consultant before there is a crises.

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2 comments on “Alert: U.S. maternity care system fails new mothers who want to breastfeed and what to do about it
  1. Stacey says:

    Yes, yes and yes… Ironically, I hired a birth doula but not a postpartum doula and in hindsight I’m sure that breastfeeding woudl have been such a more positive experience for me had I had the support.

    • I have no doubt about it Stacey!
      One of the most common things I do for first time moms is help get breastfeeding off to a good start. Have also worked with many second and beyond moms who may have been failed by the system the first time around and so were determined to get the support they needed to wildly succeed the second time round! YAH!

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