Reasons for new parents in NJ to “like” Tender Times Doula on Facebook

Elaine Petrowski, postpartum doula

Elaine Petrowski is a postpartum doula who lives and works in northern New Jersey.

Why “LIKE” Tender Times Doula’s Facebook Page when, as a new parent, it seems like just one more thing to fit into an already overflowing day?

Because, as a new parent  with your baby finally in arms, I’m betting that you’re hungry for SOLID INFORMATION, RESEARCH and FACTS  about babies, not just opinions or guesses. How much and how often should my baby eat? Why doesn’t my baby sleep? Should I or should I not co-sleep, swaddle or use a pacifier? What do all those funny baby-dinosaur noises mean?

Tender Times Doula on Facebook posts USEFUL INFORMATION for parents, especially parents who lean in the direction of  a holistic approach to early parenting i.e. breastfeeding, baby cues, baby led weaning, co-sleeping, good nutrition, safe baby care products, whole and organic foods, complementary healthcare modalities etc. I regularly post news and information on really important issues such as circumcision or what to do when your baby has a fever.  And sometimes, just for a smile, you’ll find a parenting-related cartoon to brighten your day and let you know you are NOT alone facing the fun, chaos and yes, frustrations, of early parenting.

Tender Times Doula on Facebook posts EVENTS that might be of interest to you as a new parent. I post notice of my parenting groups, baby sign classes, infant massage classes, grandparent classes, etc.  And I  strive to post webinars, meetings, workshops and resources offered by others that could be of value to your growing family.

You can be part of the Tender Times Doula COMMUNITY and join with other parents, sharing the joys and concerns you are  all experiencing.

Come on over. “LIKE” the page. Click on the box below “like” on Facebook and check off “Get notifications.”  Then please “like”, “comment” and  “share” some of the  posts with others and grow the community with me.


Elaine Petrowski is a certified postpartum doula (DONA) with more than a dozen years of experience . A postpartum doula is a professional,  with the mission of helping new parents to quickly gain confidence in their parenting skills. Contact Elaine at, 973-291-8200.

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