Must-do class for first-time expectant parents in Northern New Jersey

Elaine Petrowski, postpartum doula

Elaine Petrowski is a postpartum doula who lives and works in northern New Jersey.

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As the time draws closer for the arrival of a baby, many first-time expectant parents become super excited. But in addition to the awe and anticipation first-time expectant parents often feel, they may also begin to become just a bit anxious. Because as the baby’s birth day approaches, it usually becomes pretty clear that many first-time expectant parents don’t actually know a whole lot about babies. (How I remember my own first days and weeks as a brand new bewildered, tired and anxious first-time mom. THE REASON I do this work!)

With that in mind, I’m offering a NEW informal, fun, multi-media day-long seminar for first-time expectant parents. (Or even for second and beyond parents who want to understand this baby a bit more.) Spending the day (next session: November 15,2014) with me,  a DONA- certified postpartum doula with more than 14 years of experience (more info at or check out what clients have to say at will help first-time expectant parents learn about your baby before he or she arrives.

This is NOT an infant care class!

I want to make it crystal clear that this is not an infant care class. (You can find one of those at the local hospital.) And while we may touch on infant care topics like bathing, burping and swaddling, What to Expect When You Are No Longer Expecting is designed to teach you about your new baby’s behavior (#newbaby411?) REGISTER HERE.

Attending this class will mean you will have the answers to the most common questions that the hundreds of new parents I’ve worked with generally ask. But you will have the answers BEFORE your baby arrives. For example, babies do NOT eat, sleep, poop, communicate or act like children or adults. They act …well… just like babies. And we will steep ourselves in the knowledge of EXACTLY what “acting like a baby”looks and sounds like.

So while I can’t promise a completely angst-free first month at home with your baby, I can promise that you will come away from this day with solid, evidenced-based information, tips and tools that will make you a more confident new parent. In addition, you’ll have fun (and lunch) meet with board certified lactation consultant Carmen Baker-Clark IBCLC, and possibly meet some other local and like-minded first-time expectant parents.

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 One 30-minute postpartum doula phone consult AFTER your baby arrives! 


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