A mocktail party for moms-to-be to plan baby’s first month home

Here’s the invite to Tender Times Doula’s Mocktail party for moms-to- be. We’ll enjoy mocktails and then share tips so the moms-to-be can start putting together their post-pregnancy support plans.

I’m really getting excited about this fun, new venture of mine, hosting a Mocktail Party for moms-to-be on April 20,2013 from 3-5 p.m at Plasker Family Chiropractic Center.

I’m trying not to get too carried away with plans, but I do love a well-themed party. So I’ve hunted up evidenced-based information to share with the moms-to-be. And I’ll be sharing lots of proven tips to help new moms through that first joyful,but exhausting month home with baby. The goal of the afternoon, besides getting to know each other and having some baby fun, will be to help these forward -thinking moms-to-be formulate a plan for their first month home with baby.

Twenty moms-to-be (space limitations!) will also be getting to know each other while sharing mocktails (already have the recipes chosen) and healthy (well… mostly) snacks. And I’m putting together goodie bags chock full of  local resources.

As an incentive to REGISTER EARLY, I’ll be drawing one name from among those moms-to-be who register before noon on April 5 to refund her ticket price (a bargain at $10!)  And finally, I’ve decided to hand-knit a special door prize for one lucky winner, who I hope will promise to send me a photo of  her little one wearing that prize (hint) along about Halloween.

Can’t give away too much more about the event, but if you know any moms-to-be, please send them to the home page of my website to register. Space limitations make registration a MUST. Or contact me at 973-291-8200, elaine @tendertimesdoula.com and I’ll mail one of those adorable invitations (above)  right to their home.



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