Why Aren’t Parenting Lessons Required?

Isn’t it ironic that for many it’s so easy to bring children into the world without having a clue about how to parent them once they arrive?

Is that OK?  Why aren’t we all required, as part of our education, to take parenting lessons? Like history? Or math?

Many adults claim they don’t like the way they were raised.  And yet, when they have babies of their own,  immediately and most likely unconsciously,  they fall into the authoritarian (or hovering, or disconnected or judgmental or emotionally abuse or fill-in- the-blank) way that they were raised.

Have you noticed that it’s all the rage for expectant couples to take childbirth education and infant care classes?

But then what?

If you are considering becoming a parent (or are already a parent) wouldn’t if be wise to consider taking a parenting class? On-the- job-training for what is, let’s agree, one of the most important roles you will take on in life.

At the minimum, why not read a book or two about different viewpoints on parenting with your partner and decide on a style of parenting, together, early in the game? Maybe even before your first baby arrives?

Spend some time discussing what style of parenting seems to make the most sense to you both?  What feels right in your gut? How do you want to “be” with your children, right from the start?

Here are  just a few suggestions to get you started:

Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) www.tiredofyelling.com, ( in Northern NJ area call  Aviva Schwab,  845-343-7845. ) This program, offered throughout the United States since 1976, has helped more than four million parents and educators  who have participated in STEP training classes.  Pressed for time? tapes and CDs available.



www.dunstanbabylanguage.com  fun site to help you learn to decipher what your baby’s cries mean.

Please, feel free to share your favorite parenting style or resource in the comments section, below.

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