Five quick meal ideas for hungry new mothers

Elaine Petrowski PCD, is a certified postpartum doula and a member of Doulas of North America.

The new moms I work with are often hard-pressed for time to eat. They marvel at how amazing it is that this new little person can take up so much time… including their own time to plan and eat a decent meal!  After sleeping, food needs to be at the top of the “must-have” list for new mothers (and fathers).

One idea: If you haven’t delivered your baby yet, plan a cooking party with some close family or friends and fill your freezer with individual portions of your personal favorites like meatballs, chili, lasagna (meatless or not).  Clients tell me this is like finding gold in the freezer after baby arrives! Or hire a doula, who, if you ask, will gladly cook up a pot of soup or chili that you can eat several times. My motto when I cook for clients: cook once, eat at least twice!

Here are some ideas for quick and nutritious meals for those first few weeks or months of life with a new baby.

1. Eggs. If you like eggs, hard boil a half dozen and have them at the ready to eat out-of- hand or turn into egg salad. If you have just a few more minutes or a helper to chop, make  a huge frittata with lots of sauteed veggies.

A frittata, with lots of sauteed fresh veggies added, can make a fast, nutritious meal for new moms (and dads), according to postpartum doula Elaine Petrowski.

Frittata  will keep well in the fridge, so tonight’s leftovers will be lunch tomorrow

2.  A protein shake. Look for non-soy based protein powder, available at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe etc. Add water, a handful of frozen organic strawberries, 1/2 frozen ripe banana, or some mango, peaches or blueberries. Enrich with  a splash of milk, almond milk or apple juice. Whir in blender, pour into a glass, insert straw and drink. Five minutes to create a meal-in a-glass and consume a serving or two of fruit.

3. Nut butters on whole-grain toast or apple or banana slices. Think variety here — almond, cashew and sunflower seed butters can be a great change from peanut butter.

4.  Soup.  Ask your partner, mother, friend, sister or doula to make up a batch of your favorite soup. Something with protein to keep up your energy is important – chicken soup, albondingas, pea or lentil all come to mind. Freeze individual portions and heat for lunch or dinner with a piece of fruit, a nibble of cheese, and some whole-grain bread or crackers.

5. Quesadillas.  Keep flour or corn tortillas in the freezer. Spread with canned, seasoned refried or black beans and/ or cooked chicken, sliced olives, shredded cheese. Brown in a non-stick fry pan and enjoy with a store-bought salsa.

Do you have a favorite healthy quick meal to share with other new moms? Please post in the comments section.

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