Quickly Learn How to Care for Your Newborn Baby in Your Own Home

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Babies are wired to respond to the human voice, so talk to your newborn.

What do you suppose I think  would be the BEST New Year resolution for those expecting a baby soon?  Why — finding and hiring a postpartum doula (do-la) so you can learn how to care for your newborn baby in your own home — of course!

Well, at least it should be. But then again, I’m biased. I’m a postpartum doula who can help you learn how to care for your newborn baby. If you are expecting a baby in early 2015,  there’s still time to arrange for the support you’re sure to want/need when baby comes home. But add it to the top of your to-do lis for TODAY t so you are assured you’ll get a spot on my calendar.

Who needs a doula?

Working with an experienced DONA certified doula those first few days and weeks home can be invaluable for new parents, especially if you haven’t spent much time around newborns.  Doulas know that bringing a new little one home can be exhilarating, wonderful and exciting, but also exhausting and confusing, with all the varied advice you’ll receive. (Even when you DON’T ask for it!)  Second-time and beyond parents will really appreciate the help with older siblings and household errands and tasks like laundry so they can focus on bonding with and enjoying their newest family member.

While we are working together (in your home) so you can learn how to care for your new baby,  I’ll answer your questions with evidenced-based information (and NOT outdated, hand-me-down wives tales) and, if necessary, provide local resources.

Here’s a partial list of some of the most common questions I answer for my clients:

Is that  __________(fill-in-the-blank)  noise, burp, hiccup, stare, peeling skin etc. etc. normal?

Why doesn’t my baby sleep at night?

Is it true that I should not wake a sleeping baby?

How can I trim my babies fingernails?

How do I play with my new baby?

How do I know if she’s hungry? Tired?

How do I know when my baby has had enough to eat?

How can I  help my baby  sleep so that we/I can too?

Why do babies cry?

What can I do about it?

My  ____ (fill-in-the-blank) mom, mother-in-law, sister, aunt, neighbor,  doctor, pastor, father etc, etc. says we spoil her. Is that true?

When should I start talking to my baby? ( BONUS ANSWER: NOW See photo above!)

Am I spoiling my baby by holding her? sleeping with her? feeding her on demand?

How can I make  my baby’s bath time fun and relaxing for all?

Should I try to keep my baby awake in the daytime so she’ll sleep at night?

What temperature should the bedroom be?

How do I dress my baby for the weather?

What about SIDS prevention?

Is it okay to use a pacifier?

Should  breastfeeding be painful?

When can I start reading to him?

Can I use this sling, baby carrier now? And if so, how?

And in addition, I can also help with pet care, baby laundry, errands and meal preparations , nursery organizing etc. etc.

Call or email soon so I can reserve time to be with you. I will  provide evidenced-based information about infant care and behavior. And you’ll soon learn how to care for your newborn baby with confidence. So don’t be disappointed.

Oh.. and if family members are at a loss for what to get the pregnant mama for a birthday, shower or holiday gift – I offer gift certificates that can be applied to defray the cost of doula support. 🙂

I’m just a phone call (973-291-8200)  or an email away (Elaine @tendertimesdoula.com) www.tendertimesdoula.com if you are in Northern New Jersey.

If you are at a distance, check www.doulamatch.net or www.DONA.org and filter by zip code to find a local doula who serves your area.

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