5 More Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Your Newborn Baby

Newborns arrive with a strong drive to survive.

This is the continuation of an earlier post by Tender Times Doula.

6. Your baby’s biology says  “DO NOT LEAVE ME ALONE. “Again, this is a baby animal.  With an instinct to survive. What do puppies, kittens, horses and elephant babies do when they are separated from their mothers? Right…they make noise so that mom can find them and keep them safe.

7. He/she will get the hiccups. Sometimes many times in one day. This will naturally subside by about two months of age. There is nothing you can do to stop them or to prevent them. They will likely bother you more than they will bother your baby.

8. Your newborn will sleep a lot. Maybe as much as 16-18 hours a day. Especially if you hold him/her, cosleep (safely) or use a sling or baby carrier.

9. Your baby is guaranteed to HATE a sponge bath. It is not necessary to do this often. If you do, work quickly, turn off the a/c and fans and keep your baby wrapped in a warm towel. The same suggestions apply for tub bathing a newborn once the umbilicus heals. The water should be pleasantly warm, not cold or you will have one wet, upset baby on your hands.

10. Your baby will  yawn.  It’s not only really, really cute, it’s a  really good clue that  likely means he/she is tired. Swaddle your baby and help him or her to fall asleep. Wait 15 minutes or so and put her down nearby to where you will now go to sleep yourself!

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