12 Ways a Postpartum Doula Can Help New Parents

Many families consider hiring a postpartum doula (after the birth), but  hesitate because they are not sure if  they really need the services of a doula. Here is a brief list of just a few of the things a postpartum doula might do for you and your family once baby arrives:

1. Teach you how to soothe your baby.

2.  Teach you the basics of breastfeeding.

3.  Make dinner.

4.  Keep the laundry under control.

5.  Teach you how to bathe your baby.

6.  Read to or play games with your older children.

7.  Show you how to use your breast pump.

8.  Run an errand.

9.  Keep the house tidy.

10.  Support your breastfeeding goals by providing evidenced-based guidance and direct connection to a lactation consultant, if necessary.

11.  Discuss normal infant behavior.

12.  Allow you to nap.

Sound good?  Just what you think you’ll need? Or still not sure?

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There are countless ways that working with a postpartum doula can benefit your family.

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